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Clyburn Consuting has built a stellar reputation by getting results... the firm works to see it through.


Clyburn Consulting was the lead local consultant serving as a community relations liaison between affected communities and a Fortune 500 transportation corporation.  Personal bridges were built and positive relationships forged so the corporation could best serve the community, and the citizens could realize the company’s genuine efforts.  



Clyburn Consulting has been instrumental in supporting legislative efforts for a Fortune 100 telecommunications firm. We are engaged in explaining technological innovations as well as formulating policy positions.



Clyburn Consulting has represented an aviation commission in its pursuit to build a new airport terminal.  The existing terminal was outdated, consisting of an amalgamation of old World War II buildings.  Clyburn Consulting successfully worked with the Executive Branch and the Congress so that the necessary budget was approved for the infrastucture development.



Clyburn Consulting served as the coordinator of a multi-firm effort for a major U.S. city in securing critical explosive detection equipment for the large international airport. Relevant Homeland Security resources were marshalled and the airport is currently operating safely and efficiently.



Clyburn Consulting represents an international charity charged with protecting, educating, and celebrating children. We have promoted the efforts of the organization and developed strategies to strengthen legislation to help the charity in its mission.



From The Vault

- 20 YEARS AGO -

Public Service and Helping Others have long been a part of What We've Done

Fall 1996

Georgia Tech

Alumni Magazine

William Clyburn, legislative assistant to U.S. Senator Chuck Robb, wasn't hired as a "yes man" 

Alumnus William Clyburn Jr., has had some "obstacles" to overcome en route to his current post as a top legislative aide to U.S. Sen. Chuck Rob. D-Va., but one of the most memorable was his introduction to William "The Refrigerator" Perry...



"Your remarks were inspirational and your enthusiasm helped make the program such a grand success."

Medical School President Harry T. Lester commenting on the keynote address delivered by Principal William Clyburn for the school's 20th annual celebration honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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